Investor Meeting

The Advanced Capital Investor Meeting took place in Milan on November 28th, 2017.
The event attracted over 200 attendees and investors and generated considerable interest both in AC funds’ performance and in the two panels addressing key macro-economic/geopolitical trends and global investing opportunities.

The two panels were chaired by Andrea Cabrini, Director of ClassCNBC, and included leading opinion makers, prominent academics and investors from top-tier Private Equity houses.


Franco Bassanini,
Former Minister of Public Administration and Advisor to the Italian Minister
Robert H. Berlé,
CEO, Advanced Capital SGR
Alberto Clò,
Former Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade
Ambassador Joseph DeTrani,
Former CIA Director Europe/Asia
Michael Spence,
2001 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
Matteo Zanetti,
President Gruppo Tecnico Credito e Finanza, Confindustria


Jay Mantz,
President, Rialto Capital Management
John O’Neill,
Managing Director, Levine Leichtman
Raj Shah,
Co-head of Healthcare, Nordic Capital
Robert J. Tomei,
Founder and President, Advanced Capital SGR
Darren Wong,
Partner, New Horizon

Robert H. Berlé, Michael Spence, Franco Bassanini, Andrea Cabrini, Joseph DeTrani, Matteo Zanetti, Alberto Clò

Jay Mantz, Robert J. Tomei, Raj Shah, John O’Neill, Darren Wong, Andrea Cabrini

Robert H. Berlé