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Advanced Capital is an investment firm that strives to serve its investors by prudently guiding part of their capital towards areas and sectors which, by and large, are not yet in the mainstream of an investor’s attention. Fundamentally, it’s why we are unique.

As global investors our professionals predominantly spend their time gathering high-grade, real-time intelligence on geopolitical, economic, capital market and sector trends to assess relative value amongst a wide range of investments within the private market universe.

Advanced Capital’s consistently successful track record of 14 years has placed us amongst the best performing managers in the business. Our flexible, value-oriented approach has reduced exposure to exuberant valuations and takes advantage of excessive pessimism or relatively neglected areas of opportunity. This is underpinned by our fundamental commitment to outperform markets while preserving principal.

By no means a straightforward process, we are constantly vigilant of markets and conduct our own self-assessment. A depersonalised, rigorous approach which stimulates independent, intellectual debate together with a focus on thorough quantitative and qualitative analytical support, lies at the heart of our success, as is fostering a vested and highly motivated team. It is our conviction that other factors of our success are driven by sound governance and a culture based on transparency and integrity.

All of this would mean little if, as members of our community, we were not responsible citizens or thought leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility. As signatories to the UN PRI initiative we have made CSR a central pillar of our corporate ethos and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of probity in all our activities.

We wish to thank our investors for their continued good faith in us as we embrace the challenges and welcome opportunities of the future.

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